Beacon H


Eddy current displacement sensor for homing and surface scanning in 3D printers.

Works exclusively with Klipper. Comes fully assembled and includes a USB cable.

WARNING: Requires a conductive surface or substrate on printer bed to work. Bed stacks that include oversized fixed magnets are not recommended and may not work with Beacon. BTT Pi and BTT Manta are known to cause damage to Beacon devices, they must be used with an inline hub or a different SBC.

In Stock: Ships in 1-3 days

Eddy current surface scanner for 3D printers:

  • Native displacement output – no z motion necessary for sensing
  • Scan mode mesh – dense grid sampling in a matter of seconds
  • Low thermal drift – minimized by design, active compensation for everything else


  • High Temp Accelerometer – measurement up to 100C, standby up to 115C

Printer Compatibility:

  • Firmware: Klipper
  • Connection: USB to Single Board Computer
  • Bed: Conductive surface or substrate, 400um or thicker. Bare steel, WHAM BAM, PEI coated or laminated steel, etc. Use with beds employing large or oversized fixed magnets is not recommended.


  • 1x Custom USB cable (6ft free or 10.5ft for an additional fee)
  • 1x Beacon board (main PCB, sensing PCB, headers, cable connector)

Variations – this is important for mounting Beacon to your tool head appropriately:

  • Normal: main PCB and sensing PCB are assembled flat
  • Low Profile: main PCB and sensing PCB are assembled flat (as well as the cable connector)


  • 30-day standard warranty (following the date of delivery to you)
  • Using a BTT Pi or BTT Manta board with the Beacon without an inline hub voids the warranty

Normal, Low Profile

Cable Length

6ft, 10.5ft


38mm x 27.5mm




3.3 grams




0.5 um

Temperature Rating

115C sensor, 115C amplifier



Thermal Drift


Coil Material

Improved Performance + Durability


Fully Rated (100/120C)



Input Protection

Improved ESD + Reverse Polarity

Bed Material

Conductive surface or substrate, 400um or thicker
Bare steel, WHAM BAM, PEI coated or laminated steel, etc.

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